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REVIEW: These People - Talk Show

Talk Show's debut EP fizzes from beginning to end, stampeding its way through 4 tracks in a brisk 12 minutes.

Stress sets the tone right from the off and, with its spiky guitar and banging chorus, provides a brilliant introduction to this 4-piece's energetic post-punk. Atomic maintains the urgency, with driving beats, intricate - funk even - guitar and snarling vocals.

Within this energy, though, there is a dark edge lyrically, and sharp observations on everyday modern life and culture. This, along with Harrison Swann's uncompromising vocal delivery, successfully steers the band away from the door marked 'formulaic'.

Indeed, a somewhat more measured and melodic Banshee provides a change of gear but nevertheless has direction and snap.

Sonically, therefore, both Atomic and Banshee suggest layers of influences and musicality, and provide an intriguing preview of what might yet come from Talk Show given the space of an LP.

Capping things off, Petrolhead is intense and Swann in uncompromising - belligerent, even - form. Willing itself onward, it is bullish but shrewd in its advice to 'don't say things that you can't take back', and a galvanising end to These People.

This is a confident debut EP from this south london band and suggests a number of directions are possible musically, putting them amongst the most exciting emerging bands in London right now.


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