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REVIEW: KIWANUKA brings the Soul

KIWANUKA, Michael Kiwanuka

There are those great moments that start with something grabbing you, demanding more attention. Then, before you know it - wall to wall listening. Constant repeat. Switching of opinion from new favourite track to other new favourite track. It just works, and there are a million and one reasons why, known and unknown. And so it is with KIWANUKA.

So I won’t try to explain all of the reasons I love this in meticulous detail - I am enjoying it far too much for that. I have admired Michael Kiwanuka for some time, having seen him live and found his performances engaging and accomplished.

But this is a significant gear change. This album is a complete work, it is an album in the classic sense, which deserves a full play every time. It is produced by an artist who has taken both the time and care to develop his work, and who has something to say. Perhaps most strikingly, therefore, this is a musician who has a clear direction, one who has found his voice.

Bland motown esque imitation is, sadly, something which can often be heard. But this is the sound of an artist who has refused oh-so-tempting painting by numbers. This has a distinct sound, it has a voice and, most of all, it has soul.

Lots of Soul.

KIWANUKA is my album of the month.

You can follow Michael Kiwanuka @michaelkiwanuka