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MAGDALENE leads us into an enchanting realm awash with light and colour, possessing monuments of a civilisation once visited by Bjork and Kate Bush.

But darkness soon descends, and through the fog, strange sounds emerge from distant corners. Like a moth to light, we are drawn to movement and excitement.

Within the dark, there are beats, disco lights and dance.

Characters from all reaches of this musical kingdom gather and collaborate with their exotic instruments and unique voices. But amongst the intrigue and thrills a sombre, uneasy air never lifts.

Finally, a striking silhouette appears out of the gathered mass. Pained echoes fill the space and a mournful figure emerges to tell their tale. This is a truly affecting story, voiced with a fragility which is on the brink of shattering. Concluding with 'Cellophane', the tension is broken but unresolved.

And then, we are back in our world, never quite the same to us.

This is a unique work which traverses genres, delivered by an artist who is prepared to explore and reach the depth of their emotions. Perhaps most strikingly, this is communicated both coherently and authentically.

With MAGDALENE, FKA Twigs has succeeded in delivering an affecting record of the highest standard.


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