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LIVE: Liz Lawrence provides a winter warmer album preview

@ Rough Trade East, Saturday 2 November 2019

The day-after-halloween-parties slot. Tick.

Saturday afternoon record browsing crowd. Tick.

Terrible weather. Tick.

Major televised sporting event disappointment. Tick.

Plenty of the conditions for a flat afternoon, as noted shrewdly by Liz herself.

This was not to be. A sharp, rolling solo performance and engaging voice soon warmed the crowd up and provided a post-morning-coffee boost on a wet winters day.

By a crude but long trusted measure, the crowd grew steadily larger and significantly cheerier with it.

Album kicked off with aplomb. Big Tick.

‘Pity Party’ is out now.

Tickets are now available for a tour early next year -facebook.com/lizlawrencemusic/app/308540029359

You can follow Liz @Lizmusic and at instagram.com/lizlawrencemusic

You can also hear selected tracks on the Hoti Spotify playlist.