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20 for 2020 - Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about the acts I really want to see this year. We’ve all got the ‘gig bucket list’ with established acts we have not seen for one reason or another. But I’ve been pre-occupied recently with an increasing group of emerging artists, who have released/are releasing new material and are expected to pitch up at favourite venues soon.

So I’ve done what any self-respecting music fan would do, and added another list to all previous lists.

This being a year of 2’s and 0’s, and with way more than a traditional “top ten” to pick from already, it seems fitting to share 20 of the acts I am excited to see and hear much more from.

I’ll give my two pennies worth on these over the next week, starting with part 1 below.

Happy listening.



With a rapidly growing list of cracking singles, including latest track ‘Snake’, and a full length release soon – this irrepressible London band are building a mighty fine set list for any emerging act. They are surely set for a great year, and if there’s any justice in the world left, a breakthrough album. Catch them while you can.

‘925’ is out in March, via Domino.

Follow @sorryband for all the latest tour news.

Tracks to try – More, Right Round the Clock & Snakes


Porridge Radio

Urgent vocals and engaging melodies are beautifully woven together to deliver post-punk with feeling, and a stand-out-sound worthy of close attention. And I have no doubt this 4-piece will be receiving plenty more of that this year.

‘Every Bad’ is out in March, via Secretly Canadian.

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Tracks to try – Sweet, Lilac, Give/Take



This wales trio will provide a real tonic to any formulaic, habitual listening cycles you might find yourself stuck in. This act's work is some kind of otherworldly ear worm, gently climbing in and echoing a beautiful hymn as it goes; and one I'm very happy to have with me indeed.

‘Eyelet’ is out in March, via Fire records.

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Tracks to try – Radel 10, Geese


The Orielles

Hazarding a description of experimental indie-pop, any genre box for this 4-piece comes with a heavy caveat.Rich all at once with multi-instrumental experimentation, harmonies, disco, funk rhythms and 60’s NASA-tech bleeps; ‘Disco Volador’ is an early runner for – yet another list – album of the year.

Itching to see this brought to life live, I have my fingers and toes crossed for further tour announcements.

Folllow @TheOrielles

Tracks to try – Bobbie’s Second World, 7th Dynamic Goo, Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)


Eliza Shaddad

Critically acclaimed, Eliza already has a fine album to her name and is undoubtedly a hugely talented singer-songwriter. Recent singles have had a variety of directions musically, and provide plenty of intrigue for future. Can’t wait to hear where Eliza takes it next.

Eliza is currently on tour and dates throughout the UK in March. Follow @ElizaShaddad for all the latest news.

Track to try – One Last Embrace, Girls, Waters


You can hear selected tracks from all of these artists and more, on the Happy on the Inside Spotify playlist